Will I have a chance to interact with the local people of Tanzania?

The vast majority of Tanzanians are still living very close to their traditional lifestyles. Most of the people are subsistence farmers. The Maasai people, favoured by photographers for their strikingly colorful décor, live a pastoral existence following their herds of cattle to better grazing areas, still adhering to the traditions and ceremonies of their ancestors. Their "villages" are located throughout northern Tanzania. Other small tribes of hunter-gatherers, living according to their ancient customs and traditions can also be found in this area. At Chui Tanzania tours and safaris Ltd we consider the cultural component of any safari to be subtle yet essential. All of our guides are Tanzanian born. They are an excellent resource to help you gain greater insight into the local culture. We don't promote specially staged dances and tourist-oriented presentations. Instead, on most of our cultural trips, we begin with a visit to a traditional village where you are welcomed as friends of Chui Tanzania tours and safaris Ltd into their lives and invited to get to know them as they get to know you. As we drive between parks, we pass many villages and Masai Bomas giving you further glimpses into the lives of the Tanzanian people. We also offer a special trip in which our guests travel well off the beaten path to spend time among the Wa Hadzabe people and observe their ancient hunter-gatherer ways..

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